Chavacano 101 Vocabulary Guide: Episode 1 – Greetings

Thank you for listening to the 1st episode on Spotify! If you haven’t yet, then hit the play button below.

Here’s the vocabulary guide for you to review and practice. Refer back to Episode 1 for its proper pronunciation and usage.

  • Good morning
    • Buenas dias
  • Good afternoon
    • Buenas tardes
  • Good evening
    • Buenas noches
  • Hi
    • Buenas
  • How are you?
    • Quetal?
    • Quetal tu?
    • Quetal ustedes?
  • I’m fine.
    • Bueno yo.
  • Thank you.
    • Gracias.
  • Thank you very much. Thanks a lot.
    • Muchas gracias.
    • Muchisimas gracias.
  • How about you?
    • Etu?
  • I’m also fine. I’m fine too.
    • Bueno tamen yo.
    • Bueno tambien yo.
  • Until next time.
    • Hasta luego.
  • Take care.
    • Cuidao.
    • Cuidao tu.
    • Cuidao ustedes.

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Muchisimas gracias!

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