My 1st ever Hair Balayage Experience

Perhaps I am one of the last people who got to try hair balayage! Have you tried this already? What was your experience like?

This hair trend started a few years back where 2 color tones (highlights and low lights), may be of the same hue or totally contrasting ones, are applied to your hair.

By Google’s definition, “Balayage is a freehand technique in which swatches of hair are sectioned and hand painted against a backing board with a lightening agent.  There are dark pieces left on the bottom to create dimension and a more natural look.”  Balayage means “to sweep” in French.

#crownedbyjohn and busyqueenphils
Still managed to smile despite being anxious inside. 🙂

Sir John of CrownedbyJohn Hair Salon and Spa explained these 3 steps in the balayage procedure:

Step 1: Pre-lightening

Just as in painting any objects, you have to sand out and remove the existing paint to allow the new color to stick and come through.  In this case, the hair is primed by applying a cheese-like solution and left for an hour to remove the current hair color.

#crownedbyjohn hair balayage
Pre-lightening to remove existing hair color.

Step 2: Hair color 

After the hair is washed,  the preferred color tones will now be applied.  My beauty vlogger friend thedorzfallac on YouTube chose the color combination for me – an ash blonde combo that was work-appropriate.

#crownedbyjohn hair balayage
Hair color takes an hour to develop so that the desired tone will be achieved.  
#teamddi davao beauty vloggers
with #TeamDDI beauties and beauty vlogger friends TheDorzFallac and XanaPea

I was really hesitant to go for the bold ombré colors.  However, you could choose whatever you like and the hairstylist would even help you out by giving options.

Step 3: Keratin treatment

The last thing you would want to see is dry cracked hair!  That is why this step is very important.

In Keratin treatment, a protein-enriched solution is applied to your hair and left to penetrate for an hour.  This helps to strengthen the strands, avoid frizziness, and make the hair shine and healthy – avoiding further damage.

#crownedbyjohn keratin treatment in hair balayage busyqueephils
During keratin treatment, the ash blonde color combination has already developed.

Here’s the result after the 3-hour balayage process.

#crownedbyjohn hair balayage #busyqueenphils
Front view taken in front of a ring light
#crownedbyjohn hair balayage #busyqueenphils
Even color distribution was achieved
#crownedbyjohn hair balayage #busyqueenphils
Loving the effect on my layered hair

Initially, the gradient effect will not be that clear yet as a darker color is more pronounced, explains Sir John.  It will be more visible as it lightens to the desired style while the days go by.

How to take care of your balayaged hair

The balayage effect normally lasts 2 to 3 months depending on how you do aftercare.

Sir John suggests the following:

  1. Don’t wet or wash your hair within 3 days after you had your hair balayage.  This will allow the color to further develop and treatment to really penetrate.
  2. Condition your hair daily to maintain its manageability and softness.
  3. Shampoo your hair once or twice  a week only.  Doing it everyday will leave your hair dry and the color fades faster.
  4. Visit the salon monthly for a keratin treatment.  This is to ensure that your crowning glory stays healthy.
  5. After 3 months, a color retouch is advised to cover hair growth and maintain its luster.

Will I have my hair balayaged again? 


  • Affordability – The price quote of a hair balayage service at CrownedbyJohn Hair Salon and Spa was just PhP 2,000 (price as of this writing).  This is way cheaper compared to other salons in terms of results and quality of service.   Plus, it saved me so much time in the long run as I could stay stylish even with my very busy and hectic schedule. (I have wash-and-wear hair if you know what I mean.)
  • Maintenance – It was very much easy to maintain – a no-brainer at all! (as long as you follow the steps above)
  • Over-all experience – The hairstylists were very much knowledgeable of what they were doing; and Sir John made sure that I was comfortable and relaxed the whole time.  The salon’s ambiance was the typical.
#crownedbyjohn hair balayage #busyqueenphils
with the “John” of CrownedbyJohn Hair Salon and Spa

Visit any of the CrownedbyJohn Hair Salon & Spabranches:

  1. Roxas branch – Aurora Quezon St. (behind Paterno’s Resto), Davao City
  2. Matina branch – W&H Building (beside Goodyear Tires fronting DSWD building), McArthur Highway, Davao City

Like their Facebook page here:

For bookings/queries/reservations: contact 0933 858 9530

#crownedbyjohn with #teamddi davao beauty bloggers and vloggers busyqueenphils
with the #TeamDDI beauties and CrownedbyJohn team

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